Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Don't Run. Just Be.

Running is a verb. An action. A physical act directing our cognitive resources for the sole purpose of putting our bodies in motion. Being, however, is a mindset balanced on the harmony of the inner and outer self. A state of simplistic existence, yet hinged on the infinite intricacies of our surroundings. Some would postulate that these two elements are interwined by their very nature. But, they are not. Being, while in the state of running perpetrates a causal reality of heightened experience. Its surely beyond semantics as running is soley a biological mechanism of physics and motion. Speed is to running, as velocity is to being. Speed is just mass traveling from point A to point B, whereas velocity is mass plus direction. Adding a third dimension changes the entire attribute of the physical act. Being can be aligned in many things. Passion, intensity, zeal. However, it can maligned in just as many others. Being is the Higgs particle to the act of running. To engage in the world we run in, and within the body we have been given to run with, is the essence of completion.

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