Monday, June 3, 2013

Lady in the Rain

Sometimes a simple iconic image can remind us that our tough days are not so tough.

The traffic is halted and the light now red
My thoughts all crowded and cramped in my head.
Work, work, work, more and more bills to pay
Sitting, typing, sitting, in my windowless office all day.
Like these cars around me, my life is moving slow
I'm choking on the exhaust, I'm exhausted with this stop and go.
My job is as gray as this winter and my bank account is starting to drain
And that's when I look over and see the lady in the rain.

The cememtary was empty, a quiet library of stones
She stood there in reverence, she stood all alone.
Was she pondering the journey, one that had been so sublime?
Now her only companion were the years and recollections of time.
Her black umbrella contrasted against the white tributes to life
She stood once again by her husband, a loving dear wife.
How long were they married, 20, 40, 60 years maybe more?
Now she endures alone while his life slipped to distant shores.

But while the day was dreary, she glowed a certain light
It wasn't dark colors she wore, but rather a brilliant white.
So in the winter's cold grasp and the rain's bitter chill
She stood valiantly, a city of light in this cemetary on a hill.
Such valor and beauty in a place unexpected
It reminded me how simple life is, regardless of how hectic.

The light turned green, I venture back to the mundane.
But, for a second I was captivated by lady in the rain.