Friday, May 22, 2009

Healing and Recovering

It's been five days since MMT and the car accident. If the accident never happened, then I would have probably been running on monday. The only reason my legs would have been fresh enough to run monday is because I only "ran" 52 miles at MMT, and about 25 miles of that was slow walking. However, since the accident DID happen, I have only managed to walk minimally.

Monday and Tuesday were both painful and sleepless days. Monday I finally fell asleep at 6am. Yes, I was up all night and fell asleep the next morning. My legs felt like a five alarm fire and I squirmed around alot in my bed. By the time Tuesday rolled around my internal clock was way off due to having about six hours of total sleep since Friday. On Wednesday I started my first day of work at my new job.

It is now Friday evening. I just got back from the gym and did my first weight lifting workout in over a week. I did not do anything with the legs. My left leg feels perfect. It only suffered some minor abrasions, although I was picking broken glass out of it for several hours after the wreck. My right leg got the worst of it. As if the cuts from the airbag, windshield, and dashboard weren't enough, let's toss a fully grown man on top of it. It looks like Freddy Kreuger's face, and feels like Freddy slashed it with his claws. Almost all of the original layer of skin is gone, and the layers that were scraped off went pretty deep. Wednesday I took the bandages off for good, and the wound has started to scab over. Nice huh? The skin has grown very tight around the wound and has limited the flexibility of my leg. I am hoping that the scar tissue will have more elasticity and I can regain my full range of motion. Other than that there is still a little bit of swelling, although not nearly as much as earlier in the week.

As the days go by I will be able to assess a good starting point for running again. Until today, I have been walking with a noticeable limp. If I sit for a long period of time I have a harder time walking then if I have been up and about for a while. Once I'm on my feet things start to feel better quickly. That being said, it may be another week until I can walk normally. Perhaps after that I may start doing some light eliptical workouts, or swim when the pools open. Honestly, I think it will be two to three more weeks before I consider even a light jog. Thankfully with my new job and the return of some of my best friends Iwill be able to fill my new found time with plenty of fun.


Bill S. said...


We've never met, but I've been reading your blog and I was very sorry to hear of the accident. Hope your healing continues going well. I was re-reading your post before Massanutten and it strikes me as doubly ironic that you spoke of life's ironies in that post:

"The timing of the MMT wait list and my decision to take time off couldn't have been more ironic....Oh, I love life's timing. Truthfully I do need the rest, and I almost hope to not get in this year, and have priority in following years...MMT is quite the stage..."

Strange how life's twists and turns go. You were so excited to get in to the race, but also seemed to sense it might be better to go another year. All I know for sure is that the accident will have both positive and negative effects, just like every other life experience. Perhaps we won't know the positive effects for some time, but they will reveal themselves eventually. Persevere and stay strong.

Mike Bailey said...

Greetings Bill,

Thanks for your thoughful post, and piecing together some of my own thoughts for a clearer picture. The whole MMT experience, counting the wait list, race itself, and car accident are all part of the unpredictable nature of running, and to a greater extent life.

I think sometimes we can find great value in the lack of achieving our goals. The car accident made me more thankful of my overall good health, and ability to run. The DNF at MMT only makes my desire stronger for next year's race. But,in the end you realize running is a splendid gift whether you're racing 100 miles, or just jogging to the mail box. I think the next four months away from races will bring me back to the basics.