Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Year in Review

2010 Was a fun year. The first several races of 2010 were more, or less training runs where I did not race. A lot of it was build up for the Old Dominion 100. The highlight of my year was ironically also the lowlight. My DNF at the Leadville 100 was obviously disappointing, but at the same time I would never trade in the memories of my unforgetable week in Colorado.

I hoped to cap off 2010 by being competetive at the Hellgate 100k, but my brain had kind of checked out of running for the year after the JFK 50. Honestly, I pushed myself hard this year, and my body needed the rest. I've run over 3,000 miles this year, a goal I had set out to achieve on January 1, 2010. This past year I became a sponsored runner for the Sole Source and continued my partnership as a 2nd year member of the Brooks Inspire Daily group.

Highlights from 2010

Promise Land 50k- 5:51, big PR on a day I didn't "race". Will aim for sub 5:30 next year if I run.

Capon Valley 50k- 4:48, would have been another top 10, had I not gotten lost. Still, this run reminded me how I can do relatively well even when I run 2 miles further than everyone else.

Old Dominion 100- 21:52, 9th place (was 4th through 100k). Good to PR on a super hot day and tough course.

Skyline Challenge 50k- 5:16, 3rd place, only 5 weeks after 100 miler

Great Eastern Endurance Run 50k- 4:55, 3rd place

JFK 50 Miler- 7:35, 63rd out of 1038. New 50 mile PR (previously 7:57)

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